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About Digital Marketing Center

Digital Marketing Center is:

A free provider that provides a principal platform to efficiently manipulate your on line presence and advertising across paid seek advertising, paid social marketing, and social media. You pay simplest for advertising charges.

Powered by means of AI to make coping with your on line presence simpler! Set your advertising dreams, focused on, and price range, create some ads, and let AI assist with the rest. No keywords or bid control wished. Your budget is automatically disbursed throughout systems to get the high-quality return to your funding.

What markets does Digital Marketing Center assist?

Digital Marketing Center currently helps businesses within the United States that advertise within the United States.

Do I want a website to use Digital Marketing Center?

That depends on what you want to do – in case you’re planning to use Digital Marketing Center to manage your social media profiles, you don’t need a website. If you need to apply Digital Marketing Center to your paid marketing campaigns, then sure, you’ll need a internet site.

Can I stop my advert campaigns or my social media management?

Of course! To stop your advert campaigns, simply pause or delete the ad marketing campaign. To forestall coping with your social media at any time, disconnect your social media profiles.

Why can’t I sign up for Digital Marketing Center the use of my existing Microsoft account?

If you’re the use of your Microsoft account for Microsoft Advertising, you’ll should use a different Microsoft account or create a brand new one for Digital Marketing Center.

What services does Digital Marketing Center offer?


Manage your campaigns throughout channels and systems: With a few easy steps, get your ads showing on search results pages (Bing and Google) and on social media (Facebook and Instagram). You can select to do just search advertising and marketing or each search and social advertising and marketing.

Create multi-channel commercials with textual content, snap shots, and video: You may be as hands-on along with your ads as you like. Build authentic ads from scratch, use our computerized ads, or regulate advert copy tips along with your own innovative spin.

Automated advertisements and keyword control: Use our computerized commercials or get ad replica tips that you could alter. No want to investigate keywords and manually regulate bids. Digital Marketing Center mechanically generates keywords, monitors performance, and optimizes ads and budget distribution to maximize advert marketing campaign effects.

Social media management

Easily combine with predominant social media networks: Seamlessly combine Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter into one relevant dashboard.

Manage engagements from one inbox: The social management inbox is your one-forestall save for liking, replying, and direct messaging on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With a single intuitive interface, it is less difficult than ever to live linked with your clients and reach more possibilities within the ways that count number to them.

Publish content material: Keep each part of your target market engaged through scheduling content to post throughout Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


View marketing analytics in a unified dashboard: Review performance metrics like impressions, clicks, and spend in your seek and social campaigns throughout a couple of structures in one region.

Social media analytics throughout multiple systems: Review key metrics like impressions, engagements, and audience boom for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter multi function place. With these analytics, you can see how you’re appearing and modify your strategies as a consequence.

Do I want to feature a credit card to try out Digital Marketing Center?

Digital Marketing Center is unfastened to apply, with no in advance or month-to-month prices, and also you’ll best be charged for advert spend on ad platforms. You won’t need a credit card to manipulate your social media profiles with Digital Marketing Center, however you’ll need to add a credit score card if you need to run search and social advertising campaigns.

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