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The global COVID-19 pandemic makes this a deeply distressing time for anybody. Even if you or your loved ones haven’t contracted the virus, your existence has probable been turned upside down via its spread. Whatever your circumstances, there are methods to assist manipulate your fear, strain, and tension and protect your mental health.

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Coronavirus Mental Health Toolkit

Help for while you’re feeling trapped, remoted, or hectic to get again to everyday life

illness & incapacity


Symptoms and Help for COVID Long Haulers.


Dealing with uncertainty

How to deal with activities in lifestyles out of doors your manage.

well-being & happiness

Finding joy during hard times

Daily practices to lift your spirits.

coping with stressCoronavirus tension: Coping with strain, worry, and worry

Tips for dealing with tension, panic, and strain.

Coping with monetary strain

Tips on coping with money issues.

Dealing with despair during coronavirus

Improving your temper at this difficult time

Job loss and unemployment pressure

Coping with the pressure of losing a process.

Burnout prevention and remedy

Techniques for handling overwhelming pressure.

staying healthyCoronavirus: How to assist and give again

Even in the face of COVID-19, you may nevertheless help and deliver returned.

Sleep problems all through coronavirus

Overcoming insomnia prompted through the pandemic.

Home Workout and Fitness Tips: Exercising without the Gym

Even whilst your time table changes, you may live bodily in shape.

Best Friends: You and Your Dog

Dogs offer companionship—at the side of mental and physical fitness blessings.

Parenting in the course of coronavirus

Steps you may take to preserve a feel of shape (and your sanity)!

trauma and griefSurviving hard times by constructing resilience

Tips for overcoming adversity.

How to deal with annoying events

Recovering after a disaster, natural disaster, or disturbing event.

Coping with grief and loss

Understanding the grieving system and mastering to heal.

Helping kids cope with stressful occasions

Tips for supporting a baby or youngster recover from the trauma of coronavirus.

meditationCoping with uncertainty meditation

Feeling nerve-racking about the destiny? This mindfulness meditation can help.

Eye of the hurricane meditation

Connect to a place of inner calm, even within the midst of chaos or robust feelings.

Being type to your self: A meditation

Learn to counter bad self-talk with kindness and self-compassion.

Body experiment meditation

Cultivate your ability to consider and tuned in to what you’re feeling.

Mindful respiratory meditation

Harness the electricity of your breath to ground your self and regain internal calm.

Inner Strength Meditation

Get focused, tap into your internal power, and construct resilience.

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