Prayers Throughout The Coronavirus Pandemic

Prayers for people with the Coronavirus, those who care for them, and those who’re laid low with anxiety throughout this stressful time.

Prayer for a New Normal

The World as we knew it’s miles long past, and for what seems like this kind of long term we’ve experienced so much problem at some stage in this Pandemic.  As we prepare to stroll into the destiny we pray for the “new everyday” to come.  May our hearts be unified in You greater than ever.  May the gentle moments of seeing someone once more in man or woman be all of the more wealthy and precious.  May the reunions, interactions, and moments beforehand be held in such intentionality and may we turn to You in sincere gratitude.  Help us to come out of this Pandemic better, not bitter.  Help us to grow to be more considerate of others, greater aware of ways we will assist each other, and the way we will serve You and Your children nicely.  We thank You that no matter how darkish the night may additionally get, there may be the hope of the dawn to come back.

Reflections on Changes & Transitions: A New Normal

The global has gone through upheaval. Lives were lost and upended. A New Normal will hopefully be rising soon. 

Our University rose to the many demanding situations.  Collaboration, innovation and cura personalis were our touchstones. New ways of getting to know and running had been created. A New Normal is rising. 

As we embrace this modified global for our students, our employees and our communities, some of us right here these days are entering our personal New Normal with new and one-of-a-kind roles, duties, adventures and dreams for our destiny.

Our New Normal isn’t what it became. It isn’t what it will be. Nor are we.

With love and recognize for the past, we as a network face our new beginnings and journeys with anticipation, optimism, enthusiasm and care for every other — developing our very own New Normal.

– Written through Brenda S. Levya-Gardner, Ph.D. five/24/2

Change is the Only Constant

“Change is the simplest constant in existence.”  – Heraclitus (historic Greek philosopher)

Many latest occasions in my paintings here on campus were given me to thinking about endings and beginnings – about alternate.

  • We are ending our finances work for one monetary year and the beginning our paintings on future monetary and fiscal year making plans.
  • We have completed one academic 12 months and are beginning to put together for college kids to go back inside the fall.
  • We simply held our commencement exercises, which signifies the quit of our students’ time right here on campus and the beginning in their lives as Xavier alumni.
  • We are ending our mask mandates and social distancing (with any luck) and beginning to go back to some semblance of ordinary with out masks and face-to-face gatherings.
  • A wide variety of lengthy-serving leaders, faculty and workforce will be finishing their work on campus, and their successors could be beginning theirs.
  • And of path, the ending of the Fr. Graham’s tenure and the beginning of latest leadership under Dr. Hanycz right here at Xavier.

Our lives and our work are a consistent collection of endings and beginnings. Some of these endings come or all at once.  Others are planned and are available greater steadily. Some are happy.  Some are sad.  But each ending offers us the possibility for a new starting.  As is stated, “When one door closes, every other door opens.”

As I idea approximately some of those recent endings and beginnings, what we were thru these past fifteen months, and the general pace of our lives inside the 21st century, I stepped lower back to assess a number of the things that I actually have observed useful to make those transitions.  Hopefully some of them will resonate with you.

  • Make time to mirror and be glad about what is finishing.  Be thankful for what changed into found out and what was carried out.
  • Make time to celebrate the new beginning and what we need to look ahead to.
  • Recognize there are matters approximately endings and beginnings that we do not control. Act on what we are able to manage, however understand and flow on from what we can’t manipulate.
  • Pause to reflect and refresh.  The tempo, chaos, and emotion of change can be traumatic; make time to attend to ourselves and every other.
  • Be grateful for what we’ve got and for the ones around us with whom we percentage those changes.
  • Remain optimistic and eager for what’s but to come and the brand new relationships that new beginnings may carry.
  • And ultimately, take time to recall that God is with us thru all of the occasions of our lives, and that these endings and beginnings are not any specific.

I am no longer a normal reader of the Bible, however one among my preferred set of verses can be found in Ecclesiastes, Chapter three, verses 1 and eleven.  1There is a season for everything, a time for each occupation beneath heaven.  11All that He does is apt for its time; however even though He has given us an consciousness of the passage of time, we are able to draw close neither the beginning nor the quit of what God does.

Let us ask for God’s grace and assist as we pursue those endings and those beginnings collectively with patience, perseverance, and consider in what He has deliberate for us.

– Written and presented by way of Phil Chick on five/17/21 put up-pandemic

We Asked

Before I start, I would like to provide a short prayer of thanksgiving that I even have relied upon heavily, especially at some stage in the beyond year as we’ve suffered as a network, and as a state, and as a world, in such a lot of methods:

Loving Creator,

We asked for electricity, and also you gave us difficulties to make us strong.

We asked for expertise, and also you gave us issues to solve.

We requested for prosperity, and you gave us cause and brains to apply.

We asked for braveness, and you gave us fears to triumph over.

We requested for endurance, and you gave us situations wherein we had been compelled to attend.

We asked for love, and you gave us stricken human beings to help.

We asked for justice, and you known as us to be simply and lead with integrity.

Lord, we’ve received not anything that we asked for or desired.

And but, we acquire everything that we wished.

For this we give thanks.

– By Colleen Hanycz, PhD incoming President at Xavier University

My Mask

Holy God, you notice me and also you listen me.

Through my mask, you spot if I smile or if I scowl.

Through my mask, you pay attention me if I whisper a short prayer or mutter a muffled curse.

My pals don’t see or listen or recognise; nor do my circle of relatives; nor my colleagues.

But you do.

This masks takes away electricity – the power of clear verbal exchange but also the opportunity to infect. But it additionally presents a freedom to be with.

My smiles, my mind, my mumbles, although – these I recognize, but they’re a more mystery to others now.

But not to you, Lord. You see beyond my masks, you listen thru it, .

But your mask, Lord, what about your mask? Who can see thru your mask? Hear via it?

I can not.

I can not see if you smile or if you scowl.

I can’t pay attention in case you whisper an answer to my prayer or brush off my curse.

I cannot experience in case you are thrilled with me or in case you are watching for me to do lots higher.

Can we all take off our mask, Lord? Put them away?

When the disease that movements us to mask our faces for safety fades away, will our eyes and our ears be stronger, better able to see and to hear the smiles and the frowns, the cries and the whispers of those who fill our lives? Who make our lives worth dwelling?

Will we see, Lord, that what we consider as your masks is honestly also our own, our inability to find you in the rush of our lives, our failure to peer you in all of the wonders you display us, our incapacity to pay attention your mild voice in the tumult that surrounds us.

Can we realize, Lord, that we put on many masks so we will cope, keep away from, fake, be applicable? (What scar did the Phantom’s mask disguise? “Who changed into that masked man?”)

Help us, Lord, to transport past our mask. You are right here for us to see and to pay attention. Help us. Let us take off our mask.

 – By Fr. Edward Schmidt S.J.

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Pandemic 2020

2020. The yr that taught us to decrease. To improvise. To compromise.

2020. The yr we monitored, not the stock market. But as an alternative open time slots.

2020. The yr we bogged down. We paused. We realized what we ought to do without. Our celebrations. Were muted. Understated. But no much less joyous.

2020. The 12 months we cried. We mourned. For the needless deaths. For activity losses. For social justice.

2020. The yr injustices have been even extra said. Economic disparity. Social disparity. Racial disparity. Age disparity. Immune device disparity.

We worried approximately the age. Alone and remoted. We worried about the youngsters. Could their younger minds handle all that became being thrown at them?

And then we accrued ourselves. We adjusted. We empathized. We sympathized. We stepped up. And stepped in in which wanted. We reached out.

2020 is in the back of us. And we step into 2021. With hopes and a few trepidation.

As we transition thru this time we pray:

One day at a time sweet Jesus.

That’s all that I ask of you.

Lord assist me these days.

Show me the way.

One day at a time.

As we transition thru those times, we hold our religion as Bhagwad Gita, the Hindu Holy Scripture written greater than 2000 years ago, says:

‘Dharmo Rakshito Rakshita’…those who hold their faith strong all through trying instances are blessed with their religion wearing them via those times.

 – Reflection by means of Aarti Jaisinghani

 – Offered by means of Rashmi Assudani

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An Examen of Our Pandemic Year

It does not usually experience desirable to reflect on difficult instances, struggling, or loss, however our Ignatian culture continuously reminds us that mirrored image is a exercise that could effect our present. This has been a unusual yr, and so taking a few moments, 365 days from when the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 to be a worldwide pandemic, may also provide you with a few perception on the way to keep shifting ahead.

See the Prayer

– via Rev. Abby-King Kaiser

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Prayer for the Safety of Returning to School in a Pandemic

Father please listen us while we inform You of our worries of sending our youngsters and educators back to high school. 

Know that we’re striving to make all of the right selections and need Your love and strength to assist us triumph over any difficulties. 

Please watch over every body as instances and routines are approximately to trade yet again. 

We understand that we can do whatever thru You, so please assist us ensure fitness and semi-normalcy inside the coming months.  

We provide our hearts to You, now and all the time.  Amen.

– Author unknown

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Strength for this Challenging Time

We pray on your love and compassion to abound

as we stroll thru this challenging season.

We ask for information for folks who endure the burden

of making selections with great results.

We pray for folks that are struggling with illness

and all who’re caring for them.

We ask for protection for the elderly and susceptible

to not succumb to the risks of the virus.

We pray for misinformation to be curbed

that fear may also take no preserve in hearts and minds. 

As we workout the coolest experience that you on your mercy provide,

might also we additionally method each day in religion and peace,

trusting in the fact of your goodness closer to us. 


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A Prayer in Response to

An Ignatian Examen on Working During The Pandemic


I am grateful for appropriate colleagues and the opportunity to collaborate with such a lot of around me.

I am grateful for the possibility examine and exercise new matters.

I am thankful for added time with family, and for all of the new methods I even have determined to connect to buddies.

I am thankful for my fitness and for the health of my circle of relatives.

Over the course of the last months,

I actually have felt your presence in the care and compassion of those operating around and with me to discover the quality course ahead for our community.

I even have felt your presence in our non-stop striving for higher, striving to locate solutions that serve the finest variety of human beings within the satisfactory way feasible with the least threat of harm.

I actually have felt your presence on days whilst my paintings – at my workplace or at home – changed into no longer terrific, and I changed into humble or had to make apologies.

I have been challenged and wished your steerage in wondering with a network-focus instead of an man or woman one, and I’ve been challenged in finding the proper response on other occasions when I decide that others are falling into that identical pit.

I even have felt challenged by means of all of the food I’ve cooked and dishes I’ve washed. I even have felt real pleasure within the quiet moments of fellowship and connection that simplest ought to have occurred because of this commonplace event.

I hold to welcome and be open in your presence in my lifestyles and in this paintings.

As I look ahead to the approaching academic yr,

I pray that we make sound choices for our students, our college, our body of workers, that guard them and serve them nicely, and additionally serve the institution well.

I pray that we remain inclusive and extensive in our questioning, that we remain resourceful and modern, that we’ve got the energy required to preserve us.

I pray that we continue to be intentional collaborators, guided by your spirit.

 – By Rebecca L. Cull

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 Retreat During a Time of Isolation

We Bring Your Love

Loving God,

Help us

to recognition on what we’ve got

not on what’s eliminated or changed.

Strengthen us

whilst we feel discouraged

or beaten.

Embrace us

so that us we realize your loving presence

inside us and amongst us.

Walk with us

as we bring your love,

and convey your mild,

into our world.


– Sandra Lucas, MDiv., BCC

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The Other Side of the Virus, An Opportunity to Awaken…

Yes there is panic buying.

Yes there is illness.

Yes there is even loss of life.


They say that during Wuhan after such a lot of years of noise

       You can pay attention the birds again.

They say that when only a few weeks of quiet

       The sky is not thick with fumes

       But blue and grey and clean.

They say that inside the streets of Assisi

       People are singing to every different

       across the empty squares,

       preserving their home windows open

       so that folks that are by myself

       may hear the sounds of family around them.

They say that a motel inside the West of Ireland

      is presenting free meals and transport to the housebound.

 Today a young woman I recognize

      is busy spreading fliers together with her quantity

      thru the community

      in order that the elders may have someone to name on.

 Today Churches, Synagogues, Mosques and Temples

      are getting ready to welcome

      and shelter the homeless, the sick, the weary.

All over the world human beings are slowing down and reflecting.

All over the arena human beings are looking at their friends in a new way.

All over the arena people are waking up to a new reality

      To how large we definitely are.

      To how little manipulate we in reality have.  

      To what truly subjects.

      To Love.

So we pray and we don’t forget that

Yes there’s worry.

     But there does no longer should be hate.

Yes there may be isolation.

   But there does now not must be loneliness.

Yes there is panic shopping for.

    But there does now not need to be meanness.

Yes there’s illness.

    But there does now not need to be sickness of the soul

Yes there may be even death.

     But there can continually be a rebirth of love.

Wake to the selections you’re making as to how to stay now.

Today, breathe.

Listen, behind the manufacturing unit noises of your panic-

     The birds are making a song once more

     The sky is clearing,

     Spring is coming,

     And we are always encompassed by using Love.

Open the windows of your soul

          And though you may not have the ability

          to touch throughout the empty rectangular,


– Written via Fr. Richard Hendrick, OFM, March thirteenth 2020

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Covid Poem

When this is over,

may we in no way again

take for granted

A handshake with a stranger

Full cabinets at the shop

Conversations with associates

A crowded theatre

Friday night time out

The taste of communion

A routine checkup

The school rush each morning

Coffee with a pal

The stadium roaring

Each deep breath

A uninteresting Tuesday

Life itself.

When this ends,

may additionally we discover

that we have become

extra like the human beings

we desired to be

we have been known as to be

we hoped to be

and might we live

that way–higher

for every different

because of the worst.

Litany of Solidarity and Hope During a Pandemic

For people who are sick.

For people with continual illnesses and underlying health concerns.

For all those who are suffering.

For those who are lonely.

For the ones who’ve no person to check on them.

For households which can be separated.

For people who are unemployed.

For the ones suffering monetary hardships.

For individuals who face an unsure future.

For individuals who are laid low with bodily or emotional abuse.

For people who are disproportionately struggling due to societal systems and unjust regulations.

For folks that are struggling with physical or mental disabilities.

For folks who are beaten via tension and strain.

For folks who are demise.

For those who’ve died while saving the lives of others.

For all who’ve misplaced their lives.

For those who’ve survived.

For the ones who’ve lost their spouses.

For youngsters who’ve been orphaned.

For all folks who mourn and people who comfort them.

For firefighters, police, and emergency clinical employees.

For doctors, nurses, and all fitness care professionals.

For those who serve inside the armed forces.

For public officers.

For enterprise leaders.

For educators.

For innovators and inventors who provide new solutions.

For peace in our town and in our global.

For renewed friendships amongst neighbors.

For team spirit and team spirit among all peoples.

For a greater appreciation and love of all humanity.

For persistence and perseverance.

For calm inside the midst of fear.

For the grace to overcome adversity.

For the generosity of spirit.

For hope in instances of melancholy.

For mild inside the darkness.

Gracious and Loving God,

You are our comforter and our desire.

Hear our prayers as we come before you.

Strengthen us on this time of need.

Inspire us to acts of team spirit and generosity

and provide us wish of a brighter future.

– By Joseph P. Shadle

Litany with pix

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A Prayer for Our Uncertain Times

May we who are simply inconvenienced don’t forget the ones whose lives are at stake.

May we who have no danger elements do not forget those most vulnerable.

May we who have the luxurious of operating from home recollect folks that must pick out among retaining their health and making their lease.

May we who’ve the power to care for our youngsters while their colleges close consider the ones who have no options.

May we who’ve to cancel our journeys take into account those who’ve no secure region to go.

May we who are losing our margin money within the tumult of the monetary marketplace recollect the ones who have no margin at all.

May we who settle in for a quarantine at domestic recall those who have no domestic.

As fear grips our u . s ., allow us to pick love.

And at some point of this time whilst we might not be able to bodily wrap our fingers around every different, allow us to yet locate ways to be the loving embody of God to our acquaintances.  Amen.

We’ll Get Through This

I’m a garbageman, I can’t do business from home and my task is an important city provider that must get achieved. It’s a hard job, from getting up pre-dawn to the bodily toll it takes on my body, to the monotonous nature of the job, at times it’s hard to preserve on going. 

Us garbagemen are gonna keep accumulating the rubbish, doctors and nurses are gonna keep doctoring and nurse-ering. It’s gonna be good enough, we’re gonna make it’s good enough. I love my city. I love my us of a. I love my planet Earth. Be true to every different and we’ll get via this.

Right now even though, proper now I am feeling an extra experience of satisfaction and motive as I do my paintings. I see the human beings, my people, of my city, peeking out their home windows at me. They’re scared, we’re scared. Scared however resilient.

– Found on Twitter: Jester D TGM – @JustMeTurtle

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What if you thought of it

as the Jews keep in mind the Sabbath—

the maximum sacred of instances?

Cease from journey.

Cease from shopping for and promoting.

Give up, just for now,

on seeking to make the arena

one-of-a-kind than it’s miles.

Sing. Pray. Touch only those

to whom you commit your lifestyles.

Center down.


And whilst your body has come to be nevertheless,

reach out with your heart.

Know that we’re linked

in methods which can be terrifying and exquisite.

(You could hardly ever deny it now.)

Know that our lives

are in each other’s palms.

(Surely, that has come clear.)

Do no longer reach out your arms.

Reach out your heart.

Reach out your phrases.

Reach out all the tendrils

of compassion that circulate, invisibly,

wherein we can not contact.


Promise this international your love–

for higher or for worse,

in sickness and in fitness,

so long as we all shall stay.


– Lynn Ungar, March eleven, 2020 (posted with permission of the author)

   for greater from this author, view:

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A Coronavirus Prayer

Loving God, Your desire is for our wholeness and properly being.

We hold in tenderness and prayer the collective struggling of our global right now.

We grieve valuable lives lost and inclined lives threatened.

We ache for ourselves and our pals, standing before an unsure future. 

We pray: can also love, now not worry, pass viral. 

Inspire our leaders to figure and pick wisely, aligned with the common correct.

Help us to practice social distancing and reveal to us new and creative ways to come collectively in spirit and in cohesion.

Call us to profound trust to your trustworthy presence,

You, the God who does not abandon.

– By Sister Christine Koelhoffer, IHM

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An Examen for Times of Anxiety and Depression

I pause (breathe in and out) and thanks for this day. For the demanding situations, the emotions, the war. For in all this, I grow in the direction of you.

I pause (breathe inside and outside) and ask that inside the darkness, I see your light and in my fear, I feel your energy.

I pause (breathe inside and out) and consider that nowadays, As in days before, I actually have survived. When I’ve desired to run, I’ve stayed. When I desired to hide, I’ve faced the day.

I pause (breathe inside and outside) and make an apology for The days I falter and the disorder takes over. I ask for compassion and love after I’m not able to present those to myself.

I pause (breathe inside and out) and clear up to love myself more tomorrow. And always sense your spirit surround me in safety.

I pause (breathe inside and out) and relaxation.

– By Erin Roush

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An Examen in Caring for Others

What interactions with others have been massive to me today?

What care and compassion did I display?

What turned into taking place in my head at some stage in these interactions? Was I clearly present?

What manage do I have over the circumstances of these people?

Did I do all that I may want to in this point in time?

What can I do for the next day?

Prayer for Compassion

Merciful God,

Open my coronary heart and thoughts to be fully gift to those I interact with in the course of the day.

Allow me to concentrate to others with out passing judgement or haste to remedy what I can’t exchange.

Give me staying power and know-how and supply me grace in my shortcomings.

Be with me in times of fatigue and lift me up with the electricity to perform your compassionate love to all those I meet. Amen.

– By Ashley Henkes, Hall Director, Residence Life

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An Examen to Become More Loving

Creator, thanks for my many benefits, especially ______________.

Be with me at this second,

and guide my thoughts to those places

wherein I could have been greater loving in my day

and remember how I will enhance. 

Help me to peer the ones locations where I become loving

and strengthen the ones elements of me

in order that I can higher do your will.

Thank you for all of the love I’ve been blessed with

and assist me within the moments beforehand.

– By Ellen Hurst, Senior Teaching Professor, Economics

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An Examen for Life During COVID-19

Take a second to settle. Take a deep breath. Get comfortable. Like a rock deciding on the lowest of a lake after it’s thrown in, permit your self settle.

1.   Acknowledge how you’re feeling on this moment. If being calm is tough, well known it. If you find your self pissed off or burdened, renowned it. God wants to be present in all components of our lives—not simply the easy or serene moments.

2.   Ask for light and insight as you put together to check your day. For a few that mild may also come inside the form of a sense of the Divine. For others it’s from a deep sense of your genuine self.

three.   Take a moment to think about how COVID-19 has impacted your lifestyles. Even as we are being requested to distance ourselves from one another socially, ask your self what connections you find yourself thankful for?Who makes you sense grounded and linked to God?

4.   Public health troubles have a way of creating us understand how interwoven our lives are with others in society. It can assist us recognise who we may additionally often pick out no longer to peer or connect with. Is there someone or organization of people especially laid low with COVID-19 that you don’t often pick out to see or connect to generally? What connections to others are you turning into extra privy to? Who do you usually pick to reach out and connect to? Who do you keep away from or refuse to see? If you could, image the faces of these humans. What connections do you take as a right to your lifestyles? What connections effect you the maximum?

5.   Note the feelings you feel when you assume of those people with out judging or overanalyzing. Simply renowned them, pay interest, and pay attention to in which God can be speakme.

6.   As you watched of the ways we are linked or disconnected to one another, choose a connection (or lack thereof) that seems essential, vast, or is manifesting itself the most powerful. Pause and mirror on wherein you’re being invited to grow from that second. If you are someone of faith, take a moment to wish with it.

7.   God talented us with countless creativity and imagination. Even on this time of separation and viable isolation, what is one way you can maintain significant connection to others—whether directly, thru generation, or intentional cognizance and interest?

Take a deep breath and second of quiet. When you’re ready, go back in your day. 

– By Susan Haarman, Loyola University Chicago 

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Prayer in a Time of Anxiety

It appears that I go back to you most easily once I need consolation, O God.

Hello… here I am again, knowing that you are looking ahead to me with love and warming mild.

In the shadow of your wings I locate respite and remedy that feeds my innermost self and renews my soul. Day and night time, you’re my refuge.

These unsure days of information meetings and quarantines tempt me to expect the worst for my cherished ones, myself and my network. “Pandemic” is a frightening word, and I can without difficulty sense confused or helpless to respond. Now I am counting on you to guide and guide me, to position my anxiety in its region. Help me see it as a human response that continues me aware of the seriousness of this moment, but do not allow it crush my spirit. Buoyed by way of your love, I select every day to let peace reign in me. Breathing deeply of your calm, I repeat, time and again, “You are right here.”

Good and gracious Companion, my own family and buddies need tranquility and assurance. Help me to provide them your tenderness. Those in my community who’re struggling need care. Help me to be beneficiant and to maintain contact with the forgotten. Our international calls for cooperation among countrywide leaders, scientists, health care vendors, and all who are instrumental in overcoming this disaster. May my prayers and assist be with all of them.

I even have come lower back to you, and I will return, understanding that your open palms will never fail. God of wish, might also your love blanket the earth, as you teach us to live more generously nowadays than the previous day. May my anxiety be converted into love.

– Author requested to stay anonymous

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Prayer for a Pandemic

May we who’re merely inconvenienced, do not forget those whose lives are at stake.

May we who have no threat factors do not forget those most prone.

May the ones who’ve the luxury of working from home don’t forget folks that have to pick out between preserving their health or making their rent.

May those who’ve the power to take care of our children whilst schools close remember the ones who have no alternatives.

May we who have to cancel a experience consider the ones who have no secure place to head.

May we who are dropping our margin cash inside the tumult of the economic market bear in mind those who’ve no margin at all.

May folks who accept quarantine at home consider the ones who have no domestic.

As fear grips our usa, let us pick out love for the duration of this time while we can not physically wrap our palms round each different, let us locate ways to be the loving include to God and our neighbor.

– Prayer with the aid of Cameron Wiggins Bellm

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Prayer for People Critically Ill or Facing Great Uncertainty

God of the existing moment,

God who in Jesus stills the hurricane

and soothes the frantic coronary heart;

bring desire and braveness to all

who wait or work in uncertainty.

Bring wish that you will cause them to the equal

of something lies ahead.

Bring them courage to bear what can not be prevented,

on your will is health and wholeness;

you’re God, and we want you.

– Adapted from New Zealand Prayer Book, p. 765

– Prayer originated from

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Prayer in Time of Illness

Lord Jesus, you got here into the arena to heal our infirmities and to bear our sufferings. You went about recuperation all and bringing consolation to those in pain and need. We come before you now in this time of contamination asking that you may be the supply of our electricity in frame, braveness in spirit and endurance in pain. May we be a part of ourselves extra intently to you on the cross and in your suffering that via them we may additionally draw our endurance and hope. Assist us and repair us to health so that united greater closely for your circle of relatives, the Church, we may also provide praise and honour for your call.

– Prayer originated from Preprocessor?p=1822

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Prayer for the Sick

Father of goodness and love, hear our prayers for the sick individuals of our network and for all who are in want. Amid intellectual and physical suffering may additionally they discover comfort on your recuperation presence. Show your mercy as you close up wounds, therapy infection, make broken our bodies entire and free downcast spirits. May those special people find lasting health and deliverance, and so join us in thanking you for all your presents. We ask this thru the Lord Jesus who healed individuals who believed. Amen.

– Prayer originated from Preprocessor?p=229

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A Coronavirus Prayer

Jesus Christ, you traveled thru cities and villages “curing every sickness and contamination.” At your command, the unwell were made properly. Come to our resource now, within the midst of the global spread of the coronavirus, that we may enjoy your recovery love.

Heal folks that are sick with the virus. May they regain their power and fitness thru first-rate medical care.

Heal us from our worry, which prevents nations from operating together and neighbors from helping each other.

Heal us from our delight, which could make us declare invulnerability to a disorder that is aware of no borders.

Jesus Christ, healer of all, stay through our side on this time of uncertainty and sorrow.

Be with the ones who have died from the virus. May they be at rest with you on your eternal peace.

Be with the households of people who are ill or have died. As they fear and grieve, protect them from contamination and despair. May they know your peace.

Be with the medical doctors, nurses, researchers and all clinical professionals who are looking for to heal and help the ones affected and who placed themselves at chance within the system. May they realize your protection and peace.

Be with the leaders of all nations. Give them the foresight to behave with charity and authentic issue for the well-being of the human beings they’re supposed to serve. Give them the expertise to spend money on lengthy-time period answers as a way to help put together for or prevent destiny outbreaks. May they recognise your peace, as they paintings together to attain it in the world.

Whether we are domestic or abroad, surrounded via many human beings stricken by this illness or just a few, Jesus Christ, stay with us as we undergo and mourn, persist and prepare. In location of our tension, provide us your peace.

Jesus Christ, heal us.

– Prayer originated from

Pope’s Prayer for Protection from Coronavirus

An English-language translation of the Pope’s prayer is underneath:

O Mary, you shine constantly on our adventure as a signal of salvation and hope.

We entrust ourselves to you, Health of the Sick.

At the foot of the Cross you participated in Jesus’ ache, with steadfast religion.

You, Salvation of the Roman People, realize what we need.

We are certain that you may offer, so that, as you did at Cana of Galilee,

joy and feasting might go back after this second of trial.

Help us, Mother of Divine Love,

to comply ourselves to the Father’s will

and to do what Jesus tells us:

He who took our sufferings upon Himself, and bore our sorrows to deliver us,

through the Cross, to the pleasure of the Resurrection. Amen.

We seek safe haven under your protection, O Holy Mother of God.

Do now not despise our pleas – we who’re placed to the check – and deliver us from each danger, O glorious and blessed Virgin.

– Prayer originated from

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Burn Brighter

Ignatius calls us

to head forth

and set

the arena on hearth.

We embrace this metaphor

due to the fact we accept as true with

our reason

is inextricably connected

to helping others

make clear and gain theirs.

But how do we

set our global on fire

in this age of sickness,


and worry.

How do we

serve and lead

whilst we

are disconnected

from every other

and the physical area

that unifies our crew.

Who will show us

how to press on?

Lives perish

whilst the flames

of leaders

round us

dance erratically

in the blistering

winds of trade

their lights


to close to extinction

their sparks

barely seen


to light the way.

We can not wait

for them

to guide.

Let us turn

to our God


to the sacred mild

of the Holy Spirit

that burns


each of us.

Let our spirits

draw closer

to every different

regardless of

the distance

among us

and march boldly

into the next day.

Maybe it helps

to imagine

this time

as a dousing

of fuel

tossed onto our

already constant

burning flames


purpose and love.

Let this accelerant

devour and quicken us

for the more good.

Shine on

my pals

may also the brilliant flames

of our spirits

burning in unison

create a bonfire


sparks wish

ignites faith

illuminates love

and lights the manner.

In this uncertain age

a time while

our brothers and sisters

yearn for

peace and light

we’re called

and stand prepared

to do magis

to do extra

than we did

earlier than.




– By Ray Angle, Assistant Vice President, Career and Professional Development, Gonzaga University

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A Prayer of Thanksgiving

“If the only prayer you ever say for your whole existence is Thank You that will be sufficient.” – Meister Eckhart

Holy and Living God,

in this Thanksgiving year of 2020,

when we are separated from family and friends,

while it’s hard to travel and acquire together,

and celebrate Thanksgiving as we’ve achieved inside the past,

help us to include what is.

Help us to provide thanks within the uncertainty.

Help us to provide thank you inside our sorrow, inside our fears.

In all matters, might also we open our hearts and deliver You thank you.


– through Sandra Lucas, St. Andre Health Care

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A Prayer for Hope After A Hard Year

God, Thank you for assisting us to make it thru this difficult yr. Thank you that you’ve carried us thru the uncertainty of deep waters, thru the flames of trials, and thru the pain of hard losses. We are continuously aware of how a lot we need you, your grace, your electricity, your energy running thru even the hardest days.

Help us to maintain our focus first on you this season. Please forgive us for giving too much time and interest to different matters, for looking to different people before coming to you first. Help us to reflect once more, on what Christmas is in reality all approximately. Thank you that you got here to give new lifestyles, peace, wish, and pleasure. Thank you that your strength is made perfect in our weak spot.

Help us to don’t forget that the gift of Christ, Immanuel, is our finest treasure, no longer simply at Christmas, however for the complete yr via. Fill us together with your joy and the peace of your Spirit. Direct our hearts and minds closer to you. Thank you to your reminder that each in seasons of birthday celebration and in seasons of brokenness, you’re nevertheless with us. For you never go away us. Thank you to your every day effective Presence in our lives, that we can be assured your heart is closer to us, your eyes are over us, and your ears are open to our prayers. Thank you that you surround us with choose as with a protect, and we’re safe in your care.

We pick out to press in close to you these days, and keep you first in our hearts and lives. Without you we’d truely fail, but with you, there’s wonderful wish. Thank you on your recuperation electricity, thank you for bringing us into this new semester so one can absolutely be full of many challenges and opportunities. We look forward to all that You nevertheless have in shop. In Jesus’ call, Amen.


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Prayer for Ordinary Time

Loving God,

Our church calendar tells us that we’re again once more in Ordinary Time.  Advent handed via its four weeks. We celebrated the beginning of Jesus with angels making a song and shepherds traveling and magi following a celebrity from the East and bearing items. Yes, we have finished this holy season. Still, by some means, this time does now not appear ordinary; it’s far something however that.

This “ordinary time” is marked by masked faces, social distancing, and “germ circles.” Headlines shout out frightful numbers of individuals who have contracted Covid-19, lots each day. Each of these numbers influences the lives of spouses, kids, friends with care and fear, with work to assist treatment and coax loved ones returned to fitness. And the quantity of deaths chills survivors in fear and guilt – what should I even have accomplished, what have to I do now? Just to journey to a small funeral to mention good-bye to a cherished one and provide you our prayer results in days of quarantine and additional separation. Holy God, loving God, can this clearly be “ordinary time?” 

This “ordinary time” is marked also by deep financial hassle for many. Mothers and fathers have worked hard to provide for their households, and now their jobs are long past.  “Sorry, the work you have finished for us is not needed any extra. Good-bye!” “Sorry, we respect what you do, but we cannot find the money for it any greater. Good-bye and correct success!” The ordinary ways of operating and providing and living have disappeared for plenty.

And these days on this “everyday time” we have visible our fellow residents upward push up in anger and violence, destroying, injuring, even killing others to push their slender agendas. In scenes that would suit effortlessly into warfare zones, they invade our commemorated spaces and violate standards of citizen behavior. Neighbors have changed into crazed killers. Old pals and associates are actually out of manipulate. Where is regular time?

Perhaps, Lord, no time is truly ordinary. Where you’re, the extraordinary attempts to raise us up, to let us see beyond the regular and capture recommendations of what may be, of who we will be if we gave room to our first-rate selves, of what we ought to do if we banded together in commonplace purpose and resolve.

Part of regular time is the determination of fitness care workers. Part is families sharing sources to get thru financial breakdown. Part should be the guardians of public safety who risk their lies and health, even surrender that existence, to maintain order and peace. 

We come to you, loving God, with wish in our hearts and prayer on our lips. We pray that care and compassion, looking and accompanying be a part of our everyday lives. We pray that our eyes be open to look the wishes of those who conflict to offer for his or her households and that if we can help, we do help in regular ways. We pray that we attempt to apprehend each different in our struggles to make sense of the forces which might be past someone of us, that we see beyond threats imagined or real, that we listen beyond shouted anger or mocking scoffs or cursing threats and observe the cries for help that relaxation in the main silent in normal instances.

Holy God, you are making all instances holy, all locations, all people in all the seasons of our lives. Ordinary time? It is all exquisite with you.

– By Ed Schmidt, S.J., written January 12, 2021

Click right here for a video of the prayer being prayed

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