Simcoe Muskoka, along side the rest of Ontario, has entered Step three of the province’s Roadmap to Reopen. Please preserve to practice public fitness measures to forestall the unfold of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Vaccination

  • Learn extra approximately how the COVID-19 vaccines are secure and the way they work right here.  
  • Learn greater approximately competently combining vaccines to finish your two dose collection.
  • For the way to e-book an appointment go to our getting your COVID-19 vaccination web page .
  • You can also walk-in to a community medical institution, get on their standby list or find a pop-up health facility close to you!

Vaccinating as many people as possible will reduce COVID-19 in our network and get us lower back to the people and things we love. By getting vaccinated, you benefit from the safety you get against COVID-19 and the easing of restrictive measures for your community. If you are absolutely vaccinated test out these hints for what you may do now for casual/social activities.  

Regardless of your vaccination popularity every body must preserve to observe public fitness measures:  

  • Stay domestic when sick and get tested. 
  • Wear a face masking in an indoor location of a commercial enterprise or business enterprise that is open; at an indoor organized public occasion and within 2 metres (6 feet) of any other individual; at a few out of doors public events or settings (see for more statistics on those settings).
  • Physical distance from the ones outdoor your household in indoor vicinity of enterprise or facility that is open to the public or at an indoor organized public occasion.
  • Limit indoor gatherings to 25 people.
  • Limit outside gatherings to a hundred humans.

Have you tested high quality for COVID-19? Or you are a close contact of someone who has?

Here is what you need to do in case you test positive for COVID-19. 

  • Isolate to the later of 10 days from symptom onset or check date, until in any other case directed by public health. See those truth sheets on When to self isolate from family individuals and How To Care For A Child Who Needs To Self-Isolate and I tested fantastic now what (revised August 16, 2021)
  • Make a list of any close contacts (all of us that you have been within 2 metres (6 toes) of the for a complete of 15 minutes or extra, even though wearing mask) which you had been in touch with 48 hours prior to symptoms or nice check date in case you do no longer have symptoms.
  • Individuals who have examined high quality for COVID 19 can nevertheless acquire their COVID-19 vaccination, but, they should wait till their isolation length is entire and their COVID-19 signs and symptoms have resolved.

If you’ve got been diagnosed as a near touch, and were knowledgeable by public health or with the aid of a person on your lifestyles who has tested high quality it’s far very vital that you study this fact sheet (revised July 29, 2021) and take the following steps to forestall the spread of COVID-19.

If you are fully vaccinated*:

  • You are normally not required to live home or self-isolate as long as you don’t have any symptoms, however when you have been exposed to a variation aside from Alpha (originating from the UK) or Delta or if you are living in a congregate living setting you may be required to self-isolate due to reduced effectiveness of the vaccine towards Beta and Gamma variants.
  • Testing as a close touch continues to be endorsed. 
  • It is recommended that you notify your place of job which you have been exposed to COVID-19. 
  • If you expand symptoms, please stay domestic and contact the fitness unit as quickly as feasible. You can go away the residence to get examined. For checking out centre locations, visit our evaluation centres and checking out web page.

If you are not completely vaccinated*:

  • Stay home and self-isolate for 14 days after your final contact with the person who examined positive for COVID-19.
  • Only leave the residence to get examined. For trying out centre locations visit our evaluation centres and trying out page.
  • DO NOT leave your isolation to visit a vaccination appointment. Please name our COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment Booking Support Line at 1-705-721-7520 (1-877-721-7520), ext 5997 and our group of workers may be glad to rebook your appointment for you once you have completed your isolation.
  • Monitor yourself for signs and symptoms of COVID-19.
  • If you do get tested you have to still self-isolate whilst you wait for your outcomes. Even in case your take a look at end result is poor you have to retain to self-isolate for the total 14 days.

*Fully vaccinated is defined as an character who is more than 14 days after receiving the second dose of a -dose COVID-19 vaccine series.

On April 9 2021, we released a Virtual Assistant (VA) to help in our case management efforts. The VA is a new internet and textual content messaging device with a purpose to enable us to increase the velocity and ability for case control, and further support COVID-19 response in our network.

If you lately tested nice for COVID-19, you could get hold of a textual content message from the fitness unit asking them to finish a private evaluation shape. When you click on the steady link in this newsletter message, you’ll be capable of provide records to public fitness about your fitness fame, the humans you have been in close touch with, and different important statistics to help in public fitness comply with up.

The form is voluntary and could take about 10 mins to complete. You can decide out through texting the phrase “STOP”. After you put up information using this steady on-line shape, public fitness investigators will be able to assessment the information supplied.

In addition to receiving a textual content message from the VA, you may additionally obtain a smartphone name from an investigator from us or a provincial public fitness accomplice. This smartphone call will permit our investigators to acquire any further statistics needed to assist in case and get in touch with control.

If you feel ill, it’s far vital that you live home and get examined for COVID-19. Visit our trying out and evaluation centre page for extra.

Quick records

  • The Virtual Assistant can be used on cell devices and is iOS and Android well matched. The online shape will characteristic if the hyperlink is used in a browser on a computer or computer pc; but, it was created for a cell revel in.
  • All facts amassed is kept exclusive and protected via Ontario’s strict privacy laws and will handiest be used for public health purposes. 
  • The Virtual Assistant device is part of the Province’s case and call management system. 

The Simcoe Muskoka Safe Voluntary Isolation Site (SVIS) is a place for people who want to self-isolate due to COVID-19 however do not have get entry to to an ok safe haven or can’t adequately self-isolate in their own homes. The SVIS is designed to provide people a stable, cushty, and private area to rest and get better, without worry or tension of transmitting the virus to their circle of relatives, roommates, or other people they stay with. 

Self-isolation is a tested way to lessen the chance of spreading COVID-19 among household members and the community at-massive. Under the Class Order for Self-Isolation issued by way of Simcoe Muskoka’s Medical Officer of Health, people in Simcoe Muskoka must self-isolate in the event that they have any of the following:

  • Symptoms of COVID-19, irrespective of vaccination status and/or if they get tested.
  • A advantageous COVID-19 test result.
  • Recent close contact with someone who has COVID-19 symptoms or a wonderful COVID-19 check end result.
  • A household member who has had latest near touch with someone who examined positive for COVID-19.

Do you need assist to self-isolate?

Any Simcoe Muskoka resident that is unable to soundly self-isolate is eligible to get admission to this provider. There aren’t any fees related to staying at the SVIS and transportation can be organized for folks that want it, free of price. Through case and make contact with investigations, public fitness professionals at the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit will assess individuals’ needs to help discover individuals who require secure lodging for COVID-19 self-isolation. Please name our Health Connection line at 705-721-7520 or 1-877-721-7520 ext. 5829 or ship an email to Health Connection using our on line shape for greater facts and the way to get right of entry to this provider.

Please observe that the health unit is needed to offer your COVID-19 repute, either fantastic or negative, to the SVIS in an effort to take any necessary infection prevention and manipulate measures. Your COVID-19 status will best be shared with vital staff.

For extra COVID-19 information:

A magnificence order under Section 22 of the Health Protection and Promotion Act has been issued by means of Simcoe Muskoka’s Medical Officer of Health (MOH) to put into effect COVID-19 self-isolation requirements. The order originally took effect October 6, 2020, become revised on March 8, 2021 and May 27, 2021 and remains in impact till the MOH pronounces it’s miles now not wanted.

The order applies to any individual living or present inside the County of Simcoe and District of Muskoka who: 

  • People with symptoms of COVID-19, regardless if they are completely vaccinated and/or in the event that they get tested. 
  • People who test nice for COVID-19. 
  • People in recent close contact with someone who has signs and symptoms of COVID-19 or who tested fantastic for COVID-19. This consists of caregivers and household individuals.
  • Household participants of humans in recent near touch with a person who tested high quality for COVID-19.

If you suppose you’ve got any signs and symptoms of COVID-19, use the provincial COVID self-assessment device, and if indicated by means of the tool, get tested and self-isolate at home for 10 days (the time frame you’re contagious) or until your test result is poor for COVID-19.

If you are not fully vaccinated and were recognized as a near touch of a person with COVID-19, which normally way being inside 2 metres (6 ft) of that infectious individual for at the least 15 mins without adequate personal defensive equipment (PPE), you should self-isolate for 14 days even in case you don’t have symptoms. This is due to the fact the COVID-19 incubation duration (the duration between exposure to an contamination and the appearance of the first signs) may be up to fourteen days. Adequate PPE is using each a scientific mask and defensive eyewear. Cloth face coverings are not ok PPE.

Unless they may be completely vaccinated, family members of folks that had near contact to someone with COVID-19 ought to stay home at some point of the close touch’s isolation duration, besides for crucial motives to leave domestic, which include attending paintings, faculty, toddler care, or vital errands (e.g. getting groceries, attending scientific appointments, selecting up prescriptions).

Household participants of people who have signs of COVID-19 need to self-isolate till the sick character gets a negative COVID-19 check result or gets an exchange prognosis by way of a healthcare professional. If the character with symptoms within the household does NOT get tested, absolutely everyone else inside the household who is not completely vaccinated have to live domestic for:

  • 14 days from the last touch with the man or woman with signs if the unwell character can self-isolate far from the relaxation of the family; or 
  • 24 days from start of the sick man or woman’s symptom(s) if the ill person CANNOT self-isolate far from the rest of the family.

A man or woman who ignores the class order to self-isolate can be charged and fined up to $five,000 according to day. The Heath Protection and Promotion Act also permits the Medical Officer of Health to go to courtroom and are searching for additional orders to shield the health of the network.

For greater records see Fact Sheet for Class Order for Self-Isolation (revised June 1, 2021).

It is common for viruses to trade and mutate as they spread via the populace. Several editions of the COVID-19 virus have been detected around the arena and instances of every of these versions were recognized in Ontario and Simcoe Muskoka. These editions encompass:

  • The Alpha (B.1.1.7) version first determined inside the United Kingdom;
  • The Beta (B.1.351) version first determined in South Africa;
  • The Gamma (P.1) variation first discovered in Brazil, and;
  • The Delta (B.1.617) variation first observed in India.

Ongoing studies has shown that those versions are extra contagious than the original COVID-19 virus, and frequently result in more extreme ailment. Many international locations, together with Canada, have skilled COVID-19 waves because of these variants. In Ontario and Simcoe Muskoka, we’re presently experiencing a surge in instances of the Delta version.

What we understand to date about the Delta (B.1.617) version

  • The Delta version become first detected in India in March 2021 and has considering the fact that unfold to many countries around the arena, such as Canada.
  • The Delta variant spreads more effortlessly than the Alpha version. As a end result, it has turn out to be the dominant strain of COVID-19 in Ontario and Simcoe Muskoka.
  • The COVID-19 vaccines utilized in Canada are fairly much less powerful at stopping infection from the Delta version, mainly after only a single dose. Full vaccination is critical for maximum protection towards contamination, severe disorder, and hospitalization from this variation.

For more records, see Public Health Ontario’s aid: COVID-19 B.1.1.7 Variant of Concern – What We Know So Far

How to guard your self and others from the COVID-19 variations

One of the most vital ways you could protect your self, your family, and your network from the COVID-19 variants is through getting your first and 2nd vaccine doses as quickly as you can. Full vaccination is crucial to ensure most safety towards the versions and, mainly, the Delta version. The exceptional vaccine on your first or second dose is the first vaccine that is to be had to you. Find out greater records about COVID-19 vaccines and immunization here.

Along with getting vaccinated, all of us need to retain to take everyday movements to forestall the unfold of COVID-19 and its variants. It is essential for absolutely everyone to observe the public fitness regulations and tips in area below the province’s Roadmap to Reopen to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our groups.

Local instance of COVID-19 Spread – Diagram

Some essential messages to consider:

  • People who’re in close contact with others, for example, who stay in the equal family, work collectively within the same place of job, or collect with pals to visit with out physical distancing and/or use of a face protecting, may be vulnerable to getting COVID-19 from a person who has the virus, specifically if they are now not vaccinated.  
  • Public fitness follows up with all COVID-19 instances, and whilst ability permits, with high danger contacts. In massive offices, schools or gatherings, this could doubtlessly be massive numbers of humans.
  • It is not unusual for viruses to change as they unfold through the populace. Variants of COVID-19 are more contagious and our vaccines won’t be as robust against them so we need to be vigilant in our measures in opposition to COVID-19. The measures are the equal: stay as a minimum 2 metres (6 toes) faraway from others out of doors of your household, put on a masks in all indoor public areas and places of work, as well as exterior if physical distancing isn’t feasible, and get vaccinated with the 2-dose collection of COVID-19 vaccine. Stay home in case you are ill, display each day for signs and symptoms, and if you have signs and symptoms of COVID-19, get tested. 

The City of Barrie, the City of Orillia, the Town of Collingwood and the Town of Midland have joined the province-huge Wastewater Surveillance Initiative for COVID-19. Starting the week of February 1, they will be presenting samples from their Wastewater Treatment Facilities so that it will be analyzed to degree the quantity of COVID-19 gift.

Tracking the range of folks that test high quality for COVID-19 is one manner to examine the overall stage of COVID-19 activity in a community; but, now not all of us with COVID-19 has signs or is tested, and watching for check consequences takes time.

Studies have proven that a significant percentage of people with lively COVID-19 infections shed the virus of their stool, now and again even before signs and symptoms start. Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facilities accumulate and treat wastewater from across their communities, which permits for centralized measuring of the level of the COVID-19 genetic fabric (called RNA) gift within the wastewater. Testing wastewater captures each asymptomatic and symptomatic humans, is complete, anonymous, and nice detections aren’t attributable to an individual. This information is every other tool that could assist shed light on whether or not the contamination rate in Barrie is growing, lowering, or staying the identical.

The samples could be analyzed by means of Ontario Tech University. As part of this initiative, and with assist from the province, samples from the City of Barrie Wastewater Treatment Facility and from the gathering machine near Roberta Place can also be provided to the University of Ottawa to assist with their research into the new UK variant of the virus.

This initiative poses no chance to the public or municipal employees. Wastewater systems are closed off from the general public and there’s presently no epidemiological evidence that wastewater is a course of transmission of COVID-19. Wastewater workers will retain to follow recurring practices to prevent publicity to wastewater. 

How is COVID-19 affecting you and your family?

Since March 2020, our lives had been affected in many distinctive approaches via the COVID-19 pandemic. Below you may locate statistics from: 

  • the COVID-19 impact survey, 
  • a situational evaluation document and local reports used to recognize the affects of public fitness measures and capability strategies to mitigate harms; and 
  • an assessment document of and classes found out via the public health device from the first peak of COVID-19.

In November 2020, a COVID-19 Local Impact Survey on the intellectual, physical, social and financial impacts of the pandemic on residents 18 years of age and older was conducted in Simcoe Muskoka. A total of more than 2,three hundred residents finished the net survey. A observe-up to this survey competed in spring 2021 will provide extra statistics to assess modifications in behaviours and attitudes. Both surveys consist of a representative panel organization in addition to a comfort sample. In total, over 2000 citizens participated within the survey.

Results of first COVID-19 Local Impact Survey now available on our HealthSTATS web page here

The Public Health System Evaluation and Lessons from the First Peak of COVID-19 , with the aid of the Council of Ontario Medical Officers of Health (COMOH), describes the position of the nearby public fitness system all through the first COVID-19 peak and provides lessons discovered and recognized possibilities that collectively form foundations to construct upon in preparation for the subsequent section as we await an effective vaccine.

Page ultimate updated: August 16, 2021

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