Traditional Healing

The Traditional Wellness Mission is to assisting First Nations in protective, incorporating and promoting their conventional drug treatments and practices.

The Traditional Wellness Vision is to enhance the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being of First Nations, whilst strengthening the conventional fitness care device via a partnership between traditional healer practitioners and the Western clinical device.

What is Traditional Healing?

Traditional healing refers to health practices, methods, knowledge and ideals incorporating First Nations recovery and well-being even as the use of ceremonies; plant, animal or mineral-primarily based drug treatments; active healing procedures; or physical/fingers on techniques.

Why is Traditional Wellness Important?

First Nations in BC have practiced conventional recuperation and well being on account that time immemorial. In partnership with First Nations, The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) is embarking on a adventure to position First Nations healing and well being as principal to fitness and well being strategic planning and programming. As First Nations in BC lead efforts with both the provincial and federal governments in accomplishing fitness provider transformative alternate, the acceptance of holistic strategies to fitness care will in impact decorate and support the circle of care for First Nations in BC.

First Nations restoration and well being is a completely crucial a part of First Nations health this is frequently neglected via the fitness care machine. The significance of the use of First Nations restoration and wellbeing is to improve the fitness of First Nations in BC by using incorporating First Nations recovery and wellness; stopping and treating of continual situations; and promoting fitness and wellbeing.

There are some of research and reports that endorse incorporating conventional recuperation and well being into fitness offerings for First Nations will enhance fitness and wellness. Holistic wellness is thought to lead to better long term outcomes, now not just for the fitness system but additionally for First Nations people, households, communities, and international locations.

As First Nations assume responsibility for the control, design and delivery of network-based health and health offerings, First Nations have the distance to contain practices and models that better meet the fitness and wellness attitude and priorities of the community. Therefore, it’s far a priority to aid the incorporation of First Nations restoration and well-being into fitness regulations, packages and services and to do that in a manner that is safe and relevant for First Nations in BC. The FNHA is devoted to continuing the communication with communities to apprehend what’s working well and what wishes to be advanced. This ongoing speak will ensure First Nations views and priorities inform the efforts to remodel programs and offerings and also inform the broader work to developing strategies and advancing health actions areas with our tripartite partners.

First Nations Perspective on Health and Wellness

First Nations fitness and well being is based totally on a holistic model of fitness, and is regularly omitted in the prevention and remedy of chronic situations and in the promotion of health and well-being. An essential attention of First Nations healing and wellbeing is thru the balance and inter-relationships of the bodily, intellectual, emotional, and non secular factors of a being. This courting is mentioned similarly within the First Nations Perspective on Health and Wellness.

To analyze greater about the First Nations Perspective on Health and Wellness please visit the following hyperlink being/wellbeing-and-the-first-countries-fitness-authority/first-international locations-attitude-on-wellness

External Links & Resources

1. World Health Organization

WHO is the directing and coordinating authority for fitness inside the United Nations.

2. Prometra: The Association for the merchandising of Traditional Medicines.

An worldwide organisation for the protection and recovery of the historical arts of conventional medicinal drug

3. National Center for Complimentary and Integrative Health (NCCIH)

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) is the Federal Government’s lead company for scientific studies at the various scientific and fitness care structures, practices, and products that are not typically taken into consideration part of traditional medicinal drug.

four. Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, Volume 3 – Gathering Strength

An Indigenous and Northern Affairs of Canada document on coverage modifications to higher the existence of Aboriginal peoples of Canada 

five. Native Web

Resources for Traditional Medicine

6. Native Science: What is Traditional Knowledge?

Traditional Knowledge Systems in the Arctic

7. Sacred Ways of Life- Traditional knowledge. Prepared for the First Nations Centre National Aboriginal Health Organization (2005) by using Chelsea Crowshoe, Crowshoe Consulting Inc.

8. Traditional Medicine in Contemporary Contexts: Protecting and Respecting Indigenous Knowledge and Medicine (2003) by means of Dr. Dawn Martin Hill, National Aboriginal Health Organization

9. Handbook and Resource Guide to the Convention on Biological Diversity

10. An Overview of Traditional Knowledge And Medicine And Public Health in Canada (2008) cuments/naho/publications/tkOverviewPublicHealth.pdf

11. Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Strategy – Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services

12. Achieving Cultural Integration in Health Services: Design of Comprehensive Hospital Model for Traditional Healing, Medicines, Foods and Supports

13. Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Guidelines for Health Research Involving Aboriginal People

FNHA Resources

Traditional Wellness Strategic Framework

The purpose of this record is to define key targets and strategies for the promoting, incorporation and protection of conventional drug treatments and practices, and to indicate some key targets and techniques for further advancing this paintings.

Download the Traditional Wellness Strategic Framework PDF (6.13 MB)

Traditional Healers Gathering Report

This Traditional Healers Gathering become attended by 131 human beings, which included sixty eight conventional healers and expertise keepers from throughout BC. This Gathering changed into supposed to convey collectively BC First Nation traditional healers and traditional recovery program leads to proportion their information and offer a area for remarks and guidelines on how to support traditional healers of their work and in the communities.

Traditional Healers Gathering Report 2012 PDF (3.25 mb)

First Nations Approaches to Traditional Medicine

First Nations Traditional Models of Wellness (Traditional Medicines and Practices) Environmental Scan in British Columbia

In September 2009, the FN Health Society (on behalf of the First Nations Health Council) conducted an environmental scan to gather records from the 123 First Nations Health Centers in British Columbia (BC) on traditional models of well-being (or traditional practices and medicines).

Download the overall record PDF Download (1.14 mb)

Holistic Health, Traditional Medicine & Naturopathic Medicine

A PowerPoint Presentation organized via Dr. Georgia Kyba and provided at the UBC House of Learning in November 2008

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