Facts On Covid-19 In Québec

Daily facts on COVID-19 is now not updated on Québec.ca on Saturdays, Sundays, nor on public holidays.

Data regarding confirmed cases, hospitalizations and vaccination are available at all times at the gouvernement du Québec website Données ouvertes  (in French only).

For those information, case dates are assigned based at the real time of reporting, which may also explain the variation in some records in comparison to those supplied on Québec.ca.

The World Health Organization has formally declared COVID-19 a plague.

For now, the unfold of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is under control in Québec. Community transmission of the virus extends to all regions of Québec. The Government is taking all of the vital measures to contain the contagion as an awful lot as possible.

The most latest information on the evolution of COVID-19, within the remaining 24 hours, in Québec display:

  • 436 new cases, bringing the overall quantity of humans infected to 382,755;
  • 368,360 people have recovered;
  • 1 new loss of life, for a complete of 11,278 deaths*;
    • 1 demise earlier than August eleven;
  • 88 hospitalizations, which remains solid compared to the day before today;
  • 28 people in intensive care, for an boom of one;
  • 18,619 samples conducted on August 16.


  • 42,568 doses administered are delivered, that is 41,426 doses inside the closing 24 hours and 1,142 doses earlier than August 17, for a complete of eleven,899,841 doses administered in Québec. Outside Québec, a total of 55,188 doses had been administered, for a cumulative total of eleven,955,029 doses obtained by Quebecers.

It is likewise possible to seek advice from the Dashboard of the state of affairs in Québec (JPG 224 Kb) (in French only).

Since July 12, 2021, the precis desk has most effective published within the balance sheet press release on Mondays and upon return from public vacations, specially to provide the statistics for the previous days.

Number of confirmed cases via region

Data regarding confirmed instances through area are reachable at all times on the gouvernement du Québec website Données ouvertes  (in French simplest) or the INSPQ website  (in French simplest).

For those records, case dates are assigned primarily based at the real time of reporting, which may additionally provide an explanation for the variant in some records as compared to those presented on Québec.ca.

Distribution of showed instances by means of age group

Cumulative records. Source: TSP, MSSS, August 17, 2021, four p.m.

Active and finished outbreaks with the aid of surroundings

Source: Registre des éclosions, August 17, 2021, four p.m.

Note: Results may be underestimated because of possible delays in records access.

Number of samples, analyzes done and poor cases

  • Samples taken on August 16, 2021: 18,619
  • Analyzes executed on August sixteen, 20211: sixteen,809
  • Negative cases2: 3,992,596

1: The most latest day by day statistics on samples and analyzes completed are showed within the days following the transmission of the records. Therefore, a slight version of those statistics can be determined over the years.

2: Cumulative statistics. Source: Infocentre de santé publique (LSPQ and supraregional laboratories), August 17, 2021, 4 p.m. The technique for calculating bad instances has been revised to exclude human beings who have obtained one or greater poor effects in extra screening exams for the duration of the same episode of infection. An episode of contamination corresponds to the length of 90 days following a first positive check.

Number of hospitalizationsContent of notice no.4

Daily statistics. Source: Preliminary transmissions with the aid of MED-ÉCHO, statistics said through hospitals on  4 p.m. The clinic facilities decided on are the overall and specialized medical institution facilities supplying particularly acute care.

Return to the primary reference of observe no.four

Number of deaths through area

Cumulative records. Source: TSP, MSSS, August 17, 2021, 4 p.m.

Distribution of deaths by age institution

Cumulative statistics. Source: TSP, MSSS, August 17, 2021, four p.m.

Situation in dwelling environments for the aged and vulnerableDistribution of the wide variety of daily deaths related to the COVID-19 in line with their residing surroundings

The stated variety of deaths for the maximum current days may be underestimated due to a delay in reporting the demise or within the data enter.

Source: TSP, MSSS (Updated on August 17, 2021 at 4 p.m.)

Note: A overall of 47 deaths does no longer appear on the graph due to the fact the date of demise is missing.

Number of cases in detention facilitiesCorrectional services personnel

In Canada, COVID-19 is a extreme health chance, and the situation is evolving each day. The chance will range among and inside groups, however given the growing variety of cases in Canada, the hazard to Canadians is taken into consideration high. You can discover facts about the outbreak inside the Current state of affairs  section at the Government of Canada’s website.

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