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A/B testing – a technique in marketing research in which variables in a manage situation are modified and the following change strategies tested, which will improve the effectiveness of the very last advertising strategy.

above the fold – the segment of a Web page that is visible with out scrolling.

ad blockading – the blockading of Web classified ads, commonly the photo in graphical Web classified ads.

ad space – the distance on a Web page to be had for classified ads.

Add URL – (see Search Engine Submission)

AdSense – a contextual advertisement provider supplied by using Google.

advertising community – a community representing many Web sites in selling advertising, allowing advertising customers to reach large audiences surprisingly without difficulty thru run-of-class and run-of-network buys.

associate – the writer/salesperson in an associate marketing dating.

associate supervisor – a person responsible for managing an online associate application for an associate service provider.

associate advertising – sales sharing among online advertisers/traders and on-line publishers/salespeople, whereby reimbursement is primarily based on overall performance measures, generally in the shape of income, clicks, registrations, or a hybrid model.

associate merchant – the advertiser in an associate marketing relationship.

associate community – a value-introduced middleman presenting services, consisting of aggregation, for associate traders and associates.

affiliate software – software program that, at a minimum, gives monitoring and reporting of commission-triggering actions (sales, registrations, or clicks) from associate hyperlinks.

ALT textual content – HTML attribute that gives alternative text while non-textual elements, commonly pics, can’t be displayed.

lively GIF – a picture inside the GIF89a report layout that creates the impact of animation through rotating via a series of static images.

autoresponder – a program that sends an automatic shape reaction to incoming emails.

B2B – commercial enterprise that sells products or provides services to different groups.

B2C – commercial enterprise that sells merchandise or offers offerings to the cease-user purchasers.

bandwidth – how plenty data may be transmitted in a time period over a communications channel, often expressed in kilobits in step with 2d (kbps).

banner ad – a graphical net advertising unit, usually measuring 468 pixels extensive and 60 pixels tall (i.e. 468×60).

banner blindness – the tendency of web traffic to disregard banner advertisements, even if the banner commercials include statistics visitors are actively looking for.

banner alternate – network in which participating web sites show banner ads in exchange for credit that are converted (the usage of a predetermined trade fee) into ads to be displayed on other web sites.

barter – to alternate items or services without delay with out using money.

past the banner – on line advertising not related to fashionable GIF and JPEG banner ads.

weblog – A common, chronological guide of private mind and Web links.

jump fee – 1.) In net analytics, the percentage of visitors who go away after viewing a single web page.

2.) In e-mail advertising, the percentage of emails in a campaign which might be undeliverable.

browser – (see Web browser)

burstable bandwidth – a hosting choice that permits websites to use the available network capacity to address intervals of height utilization.

button ad – a graphical advertising unit, smaller than a banner ad.

buzzword – a trendy word or word that is used more to electrify than provide an explanation for.

caching – the garage of Web files for later re-use at a factor greater quickly accessed via the give up user.

call to motion (CTA) – the part of a marketing message that tries to influence someone to carry out a preferred movement.

CDN (content delivery machine) – a device of geographically dispensed servers designed to accelerate the delivery of web pages and files by using routing user requests to the server that’s within the pleasant role to serve them.

click-through – the process of clicking via an internet advertisement to the advertiser’s vacation spot.

click on-thru rate (CTR) – The average wide variety of click-throughs in keeping with hundred ad impressions, expressed as a percentage.

remark spam – beside the point remarks published to a weblog for the only purpose of losing a link to the spammer’s website.

contextual advertising and marketing – a way of serving advertisements based at the content (i.e., overall context or subject matter) of a web web page.

conversion rate – the percentage of traffic who take a preferred action.

cookie – facts saved on a user’s pc by means of a Web site so preferences are remembered on destiny requests.

cost in keeping with action (CPA) – on-line advertising payment version wherein charge is based totally on qualifying actions which include income or registrations.

cost in step with click on (CPC) – the cost or cost-equivalent paid consistent with click-thru.

value in step with lead (CPL) – on-line advertising payment model wherein price is primarily based at the number of qualifying leads generated.

CPM – value consistent with thousand impressions.

client acquisition cost – the value related to acquiring a new customer.

Data Studio – a loose device from Google that shall we customers make custom reviews with information from Google’s marketing services and outside sources.

records transfer – The general amount of outbound traffic from a website*, generally measured in gigabytes (Gb).

devoted web hosting – hosting alternative wherein the host provides and is chargeable for the device,

dedicating a whole server to the client’s web sites.

devoted IP – an IP cope with committed to a unmarried website.

deep linking – linking to an internet web page apart from a site’s home page.

deep Web – (see invisible Web)

description tag – an HTML tag used by Web page authors to offer a description for search engine listings.

listing (see Web listing)

disintermediation – the removal of intermediaries in the deliver chain, also known as “cutting out the middlemen.”

area name – location of an entity at the Internet.

doorway domain – a site used especially to rank properly in engines like google for particular key phrases, serving as an access point through which traffic skip to the main domain.

doorway web page – a web page made particularly to rank properly in engines like google for specific keywords, serving as an access factor through which site visitors bypass to the main content material.

eCPM – effective value in step with thousand impressions (technically, “effective price in keeping with mille”).

electronic mail advertising – the merchandising of products or services via e-mail.

email junk mail – unwanted, unsolicited electronic mail.

exclusivity – contract time period in which one party presents another celebration sole rights with reference to a specific business characteristic.

ezine – an electronic magazine, whether brought through a Web web page or an e mail newsletter.

Facebook – a social networking web page located at fb.com.

favicon – a small icon that is used by some browsers to discover a bookmarked Web site.

preferred – (see bookmark)

first-mover gain – a occasionally insurmountable advantage received via the primary sizeable organisation to transport into a brand new marketplace.

Flash – multimedia technology advanced with the aid of Macromedia to permit plenty interactivity to match in a fantastically small document size.

discussion board – an online community wherein visitors may read and put up topics of commonplace interest.

frames – a shape that allows for the dividing of a Web page into or more impartial components.

freemium – a technique wherein a enterprise gives a loose simple product, giving the client an option to use a sophisticated model for a top rate value.

frequency cap – restriction on the amount of times a selected tourist is proven a particular commercial.

geo-targeting – a technique of detecting a website visitor’s location to serve area-based content material or commercials.

GIF89a – (see lively GIF)

Google Data Studio – a free tool from Google that we could customers make custom reviews with information from Google’s marketing offerings and outside assets.

Google Instant – a function of Google’s search engine that shows seek outcomes as the key-word question is being typed.

guerilla marketing – unconventional advertising intended to get most consequences from minimum sources.

visitor blogging – writing a blog submit to be posted on some other weblog as a transient featured author.

heatmap – a graphical illustration of information where various ranges of a single metric are shown using hues.

hit – request of a document from a Web server.

house ad – self-promotional advert a corporation runs on their own website/community to use unsold inventory.

HTML banner – a banner advert using HTML elements, frequently which include interactive forms instead of (or further to) preferred graphical elements.

HTML email – e mail this is formatted the usage of Hypertext Markup Language, in place of undeniable textual content e mail.

hybrid model – a aggregate of two or extra on-line advertising fee fashions.

affect – a unmarried example of an online commercial being displayed.*

oneway link – a link from a site outdoor of your web page.

inbound advertising – a advertising model whose sales performance is based on the initiative of its consumer base to locate and purchase a product.

incentivized site visitors – site visitors who have received some shape of compensation for traveling a site.

interactive corporation – an employer presenting a mix of Web layout/improvement, Internet advertising/advertising, or E-Business/E-Commerce consulting.

interstitial – an commercial that loads among content material pages.

invisible Web – the part of the Web now not listed by search engines like google.

JavaScript – a scripting language evolved by means of Netscape and used to create interactive Web sites.

keyword – a word utilized in a acting a search.

keyword density – keywords as a percentage of indexable text phrases.

key-word advertising and marketing – placing your message in front of individuals who are looking the use of precise key phrases and keyphrases.

key-word studies – the look for keywords associated with your Web website online, and the analysis of which ones yield the highest return on funding (ROI).

keyword stuffing – the immoderate, unnatural use of key phrases on an internet page for search engine optimization purposes.

key phrases tag – META tag used to help outline the primary key phrases of a Web web page.

lead magnet – a particular deliverable this is supplied to prospects in go back for touch statistics, generally to join an email listing.

like-gate – a barrier requiring a user to “Like” a emblem’s web page before they could access positive content from that brand on Facebook.

hyperlink constructing – the procedure of increasing the wide variety of inbound links to a internet site in a way in order to boom search engine scores.

hyperlink checker – device used to check for broken hyperlinks.

link popularity – a degree of the quantity and first-class of sites that link on your web page.

link text – the textual content contained in (and every so often close to) a link.

linkbait – a piece of content material created with the primary reason of attracting inbound links.

log file – record that facts the hobby on a Web server.

long area call – domain names longer than the authentic 26 characters, up to a theoretical restriction of sixty seven characters (consisting of the extension, which include .com).

controlled WordPress hosting – net web hosting optimized in particular for WordPress, wherein the hosting organization assumes the various routine renovation tasks.

guide submission – including a URL to the engines like google for my part by hand.

advertising automation – using software to automate repetitive tasks associated with marketing sports and join exceptional parts of the advertising funnel.

marketing plan – the a part of the marketing strategy outlining the marketing approach for a service or product.

media kit – a useful resource created with the aid of a publisher to assist potential ad consumers evaluate advertising possibilities.

meta seek engine – a seek engine that shows results from multiple search engines.

META tag generator – device so one can output META tags primarily based on enter page records.

META tags – tags to explain diverse elements approximately a Web page.

moderator – at a discussion board, a person entrusted with the aid of the administrator to assist discussions live effective and within the recommendations.

mousetrapping – using browser tricks on the way to maintain a traveler captive at a domain, often by using disabling the “Back” button or generated repeated pop-up windows.

multivariate testing – a method in advertising and marketing research in which a couple of variables in a manipulate situation are simultaneously changed and the following change techniques tested, which will improve the effectiveness of the final advertising and marketing approach.

navigation – that which allows movement from one Web web page to another Web page.

netiquette – short for network etiquette, the code of conduct concerning applicable online conduct.

network impact – the phenomenon whereby a carrier turns into greater valuable as more human beings use it, thereby encouraging ever-increasing numbers of adopters.

decide-in electronic mail – e mail that is explicitly asked through the recipient.

choose-out – (1) form of application that assumes inclusion until said in any other case. (2) to do away with oneself from an decide-out application.

organic seek – the unpaid entries in a seek engine outcomes page that had been derived primarily based on their contents’ relevance to the keyword question.

outbound link – A link to a website outside of your website online.

page view – request to load a single HTML page.

pagejacking – robbery of a web page from the authentic website online and e-book of a duplicate (or near-replica) at another web page.

bypass-alongside rate – the share of folks that skip on a message or file.

pay in keeping with click (PPC) – on-line advertising payment version in which payment is based totally on qualifying click-throughs.

pay in step with lead (PPL) – on line marketing charge version wherein payment is based totally completely on qualifying leads.

pay in step with sale (PPS) – on-line marketing price version in which payment is based entirely on qualifying income.

payment threshold – the minimum accumulated fee an affiliate need to earn to cause payment from an affiliate software.

PayPal – a web fee carrier that we could its users make purchases and obtain bills via a consumer-described e mail deal with.

permission marketing – marketing centered around getting client’s consent to get hold of statistics from a organisation.

podcast – a chain of audio or video files which can be syndicated over the Internet and stored on customer computing devices for later playback.

pop-beneath advert – an ad that displays in a new browser window behind the present day browser window.

pop-up advert – an ad that shows in a brand new browser window.

portal – a site proposing a collection of usually used services, serving as a start line and frequent gateway to the Web (Web portal) or a niche subject matter (vertical portal).

top class WordPress theme – a subject matter coded for the WordPress content material control device that fees cash.

charge card – report detailing fees for various ad placement alternatives.

reciprocal hyperlinks – hyperlinks between two web sites, often based on an settlement through the website proprietors to exchange hyperlinks.

rectangle ad – someone of the massive, square banner sizes cautioned by the IAB.

rep company – advert income accomplice specializing mostly in single-web site income.

go back days – the quantity of days an affiliate can earn fee on a conversion (sale or lead) via a referred traveller.

return on investment (ROI) – the ratio of income (or losses) to the amount invested.

rich media – new media that offers an more suitable revel in relative to older, mainstream codecs.

run of network (RON) – advert shopping for option wherein ad placements may additionally appear on any pages on web sites inside an ad community.

run of website online (ROS) – ad buying option wherein advert placements may additionally appear on any pages of the goal web site.

search engine – a program that indexes documents, then tries to in shape files relevant to the users seek requests.

search engine optimization – the system of selecting targeted keyword phrases related to a domain, and making sure that the website online locations properly while the ones key-word phrases are part of a Web seek.

search engine spam – excessive manipulation to steer seek engine scores, regularly for pages which incorporate little or no applicable content material.

seek engine submission – the act of imparting a URL to a seek engine in an try to make a seek engine privy to a site or web page.

search retargeting – the usage of a site traveller’s search history as a foundation for the ads that the vacationer will see.

self-serve marketing – marketing that can be bought with out the help of a income representative.

SEO (see search engine optimization)

SERP – shorthand for a web page of seek engine listings, typically the first page of organic consequences.

purchasing cart – software used to make a domain’s product catalog available for on line ordering, wherein site visitors may additionally pick, view, add/delete, and purchase merchandise.

sig file – a short block of textual content at the quit of a message identifying the sender and presenting additional records about them.

web page search – search capability unique to one web site.

skyscraper ad – a web advert extensively taller than the a hundred and twenty×240 vertical banner.

social networking – the process of making, building, and nurturing digital communities and relationships among humans on line.

unsolicited mail – beside the point industrial message of extremely low cost.

splash page – a branding web page before the home web page of a Web site.

sponsorship – advertising and marketing that seeks to set up a deeper affiliation and integration between an advertiser and a publisher, regularly concerning coordinated beyond-the-banner placements.

stickiness – the amount of time spent at a domain over a given time period.

top notch affiliate – an affiliate capable of producing a giant percent of an associate software’s pastime.

surround session – advertising and marketing sequence wherein a tourist gets ads from one advertiser in the course of an entire website online visit.

text ad – commercial using text-primarily based links.

title tag – HTML tag used to outline the text within the top line of a Web browser, also used by many engines like google as the title of seek listings.

top 10 – the top ten seek engine effects for a particular search term.

trick banner – a banner ad that attempts to trick humans into clicking, often through imitating an working gadget message.

two tier associate program – associate software shape whereby affiliates earn commissions on their conversions as well as conversions of site owners they confer with the program.

underdelivery – shipping of less impressions, site visitors, or conversions than shrunk for a precise period of time.

precise visitors – individuals who have visited a Web website (or community) at least as soon as in a for the duration of a fixed time body.

URL – place of a useful resource at the Internet.

usability – (see Web website usability)

vertical banner – a banner advert measuring one hundred twenty pixels extensive and 240 pixels tall.

viral advertising – marketing phenomenon that helps and encourages human beings to bypass alongside a advertising message.

vlog – a blog that publishes video content.

Web browser – a software utility that permits for the surfing of the World Wide Web.

Web layout – the selection and coordination of available additives to create the format and structure of a Web page.

Web listing – organized, categorised listings of Web websites.

Web web hosting – the commercial enterprise of supplying the garage, connectivity, and offerings important to serve documents for a internet site.

Web website online visitors – the amount of visitors and vists a Web web page receives.

Web website usability – the ease with which traffic are capable of use a Web website online.

whois – a software that returns ownership information approximately 2d-stage domains.

phrase-of-mouth advertising – a advertising and marketing approach that is predicated on casual social interactions to promote a product.

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